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Modernize your organization with a flexible, empowering public safety platform built to overcome your biggest challenges now and in the future.

“Hexagon has taken us to a level we never thought we'd get to.”

Sheriff Carmine Marceno
Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

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See how our customers turned their visions into reality and tackled some of their biggest challenges with Hexagon technology.

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Join us at our next Hexagon event to hear product updates from our tech experts and see what we’re innovating next.

This event is all public safety, all the time. The summit will bring together the best in the business from North America to share experiences, collaborate and shape the future.

September 16-19, 2024

Cape Coral, Florida, USA

A modern public safety platform

Digital transformation for public safety agencies is a top priority and a Hexagon public safety platform can take your agency to the next level. With our public safety cloud capabilities and market-leading computer aided dispatch system, agencies can benefit from the true value of an integrated, flexible system.

Hexagon’s modern, adaptive public safety platform offers world-leading solutions that empower agencies to achieve more with less, and goes beyond the ordinary, delivering unparalleled value no matter where you are. Customers unlock value with Hexagon public safety initiatives that help you to pioneer emerging technologies, foster ecosystem innovation and enable reimagined workflows.

Agency goals like NG911 and moving to the public safety cloud are well within reach with a Hexagon public safety platform.

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